4th Annual Father’s Day Fishing Tournament

It's BACK!!!!!     The 4th annual Father's Day Fishing Tournament is on the schedule again for 2015.   It is scheduled for Friday and Saturday June 19 and 20.  This is a fun way to spend the holiday fishing with your Dad.   The Cherokee Fisheries and Wildlife Management Program stocks Bunches Creek with tagged fish, and the tourmanment is ONLY open to Indian Creek Campground campers.   There's plenty of tagged fish (have never had a year where all the tagged fish were caught) and we are literally giving money away.   All you have to do is buy a Cherokee Enterprise Waters fishing permit (which we sell at the store) and an Indian Creek CG Father's Day Fishing Tournament stamp ($3.00).   The tourmanment will start early Friday and will end Saturday evening at dusk.  Last year we gave away over $500 in prize money, and there will be more prize money available this year.   This event gets bigger every year and the campground books up fast, so don't wait too long to make your reservations for this fun filled weekend.   Give us a call at 828-497-4361 to make your reservation today.